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Driveway gates add style and secure your property, as well as add value to your home. The alternatives can be manual or electric, providing a safe environment for children and pets

Boswen offers a range of swing or sliding solutions for any driveway, as well as electric gates across Melbourne.

We can custom-design our products to blend with your property and its surroundings. Whether you are looking for steel, aluminium or the convenience of electric automated gateways for your driveway, we can install what’s right for you. We use the best quality materials to build your structure and then will powder coat to the colour of your choice. There are several different types to choose from. Some particular residences in Melbourne also use boom gates e.g. a gated community. Another option is security fencing if a driveway gate is not logistically viable.

Common options used in the driveway are:

  • Steel - steel can be simple or more intricate and they are very durable. However, they do need to be treated to avoid corrosion.
  • Aluminium - aluminium is strong and lightweight and resist rust particularly close to waterfront areas. They are available in a large range of designs.
  • Wrought iron - wrought iron driveway options create a beautiful classic, elegant look and they can be made in a big range of ornamental designs
  • Timber look - to maintain that timber touching look we provide hybrid timbers which do not require yearly re-coatings.
  • When deciding which driveway or boom gateways to choose in Melbourne, our advice is to select a product that either matches or complements the rest of your fence. This will ensure that you have a unified look and that the design is consistent. This also applies to automatic security gates.

Driveway Gates Privacy

Driveways are used primarily for large domestic properties, but are also used for settings such as estates and private parks, or traditional buildings in urban locations.

Timber Like

Timber Gates are used in traditional or rural settings and countryside properties.


Steel Gates can be made in contemporary styles, or to resemble traditional wrought iron.

Gates distinguish the entrance to a property, create a first impression for visitors and passers by. Traditionally, stately homes commissioned grand, lavish designs, and today contemporary gates continue to be used as an architectural focal point.

Contemporary feature gates are a medium for creative expression - they can incorporate a dramatic piece of art or be a simple, elegant and uncluttered design. Designs can be produced working from specified drawings or by developing a concept.

Mild steel can also be fabricated and finished to resemble traditional wrought ironwork, which is much more costly to reproduce.

Wrought Iron Gates are specified for heritage and restoration projects where the original puddled iron material must be faithfully reproduced.


Driveway Gates can also be produced to give a pleasing, simple design that provides privacy and security. Stainless steel hinges are specially designed to allow gates to be mounted very close to their piers for additional privacy.Fine attention to design detailing and traditional craftsmanship characterise our approach to production. All gates are made to measure to suit customers requirements.

Installation, automation and access control can be handled by our own dedicated team of technicians. Driveway gates can be automated, with a motorised swing mechanism concealed in the ground or a pillar. Tracked sliding gates are also available.

To learn more about our range of security solutions, call Boswen today on 1300 849 800 or by enquiring online.