Swing or Sliding Solutions for Residential Homes and Properties.

Boswen offers a range of swing or sliding solutions for residential homes and properties.

We can custom design our products to blend with your property and its surroundings. Whether you are looking for steel, aluminium, or the convenience of electric automated gates for your driveway, we can install what’s right for you. We use the best quality materials to build your structure and then will powder coat to the colour of your choice. There are several different types to choose from. Some particular residences in Melbourne also use boom gates (e.g., a gated community). Another option is security fencing if a driveway gate is not logistically viable. Common options used in the driveway are:

  • Steel
    Steel can be simple, be made more intricate, and very durable. However, they need to be treated to avoid corrosion or rust.
  • Aluminium
    Aluminium is strong, lightweight, and resistant to rust if particularly close to waterfront areas. They are available in a wide range of designs
  • Wrought Iron
    Wrought iron driveway options create a beautiful, classic, elegant look; they can be made in an extensive range of ornamental designs
  • Timber look
    To maintain that timber-touching look, we provide hybrid timbers which do not require yearly re-coatings.

When deciding which driveway or boom gate to choose in Melbourne, our advice is to select a product that either matches or complements the rest of your fence. This will ensure that you have a unified look and that the design is consistent. This also applies to automatic security gates.

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