Boom Gates for Melbourne’s Busy Commercial and Residential Premises

Boom gates are an excellent way to monitor and control traffic in areas of high vehicle volumes such as apartment complexes, warehouses, hospitals, shopping centres etc. They are often paired end to end, to block traffic in both directions.

Motorised boom gates are an especially effective solution for the automation of private and public car parks which are subject to frequent vehicle transit. Our high quality boom gates come with remote control access such as keypads, swipe cards, induction loops sensors and more.

Boswen supplies a wide range of boom gates for Melbourne’s car parks, factories, warehouses, sporting venues, transport depots and driveways.

Our range consists of:


  • Straight-arm: These are automated and highly visible, making them ideal for freeway junctions. It comes built with an ‘anti-crash’ device on the arm base, which is made of soft rubber material that is designed to avoid damage to vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Articulate-arm: These are required in buildings where the entrance is height restricted, affecting the lifting of a straight-arm boom gate. An articulate-arm design allows the arm to fold when lifting, without affecting overall function.
  • Double arm: This is designed to have a very stable and reliable structure. It offers low power consumption without compromising performance, with a rated output of 120w to operate an arm as long as 10 meters. Competing products have an output of 200w and maximum arm length of six metres only.


  • Flashing light to notify of boom gate operation
  • Articulated arm for height sensitive locations
  • Control box manufactured from stainless steel
  • Battery back-up in the event of power failure


  • Office buildings
  • Educational centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Car parks
  • Distribution and warehouse facilities
  • Commercial and industrial facilities
  • Government buildings

Boswen’s boom gates are highly cost effective, reliable and robust. Each one of our products adheres to world standards and comes with internationally recognised quality assurance certificates.

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