Security Fencing in Melbourne for your Home & Business

Security fencing has become integral to protecting your factory, business or home.Commercial properties that are robbed or vandalised face costs that can be devastating for business. Research has shown that two primary factors affect the incidence of vandalism and theft:

  • A physical deterrent: The installation of a strong, effective fence that will discourage unwelcome intruders.
  • A visual deterrent: A thief or vandal may be hesitant about attempting to enter a property where their every movement can be clearly observed, and their entry and exit is made difficult by automatic electric gates.

Boswen addresses these issues by offering security fencing and gates that can be custom designed to suit different requirements of terrain, size of premises and manual or automatic operation.

Our vast range of security fencing solutions includes:

We also manufacture security fencing that blends with your environment. A good example is a steel picket fence, which can be custom made to blend in with your property. They come with a variety of options: spear-tops, rails with circles, rod-tops and flat-tops are the more popular choices. We always use galvanised steel in the fabrication of our steel picket fences and then powder coat the finished product in any available Dulux colour.

Aluminium Fence

There are several benefits in using aluminium for your security fencing. Firstly, aluminium is a non-corrosive material and so is best suited for waterfronts as the sea water can cause steel to rust; a great option for Melbourne properties. They are also lightweight and therefore not likely to sag and change shape over time.

Speed Humps

Our speed humps allow vehicles to park accurately and are simple to install. Conspicuous alternating black and yellow colours, conforming to international standards, easily attract the attention of motorists. The speed breaker is made of durable, high-impact resistant rubber, which can withstand pressure as high as 30 tons.


  • Specially designed surface flutings ensure anti-skid capability during poor weather.
  • Speed bumps have a height of only 50mm, allowing vehicles to decelerate to a speed of 5-15 km/h.
  • Embedded reflecting glass beads provide good night visibility and alert drivers to slow down.
  • Installation holes aid in proper installation.
  • The speed breaker is made of durable high impact resistant rubber, which can withstand pressure as high as 30 tons.

To figure out the best security fencing for your needs, call us today on 1300 849 800 or enquire online.