Cantilever Gates – B701

Boswen’s own custom made cantilever gates offer the most amount of custom options when compared with the modular options of the P series of gates.

Cantilever driveway gates are far superior to rolling track system as they require no track. These types of gates are prefered by customers as they dont require any modifications to an existing driveway.

The B series of gates are custom built in a variety of lengths and heights, all use Dural gal RHS steel for durability and strength.

Product Description

  • Constructed with high strength durable Dural gal RHS steel
  • Available in various style and sizes and colours
  • Wheelless and Trackless system provides exceptional quiet and reliable operations.
  • Anti-climb spikes (optional)
  • Anti-crash safety beams (optional)
  • Safety caution lamps increases safety and awareness (optional)
  • Ability to link to Access controls systems ie. Keypad, swipecards, induction loops and more

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Cantilever Gates – B701


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