Swipe Card ACC5004

Using the 13.56 MHz technology platform, the iCLASSR10 read only contactless smart card reader combines the longer read range of proximity with the power and heightened security of smart card technology, making it ideal for access control applications. Featuring crisp architectural styling, the reader has an elegantly curved faceplate. The high intensity, three color light bar provides clear, visual feedback even in direct sunlight. Selectable, distinct tone sequences indicate status conditions.

Product Description

  • Uses one reader to read standard proximity format data from HID iCLASS credentials or unique serial numbers from MIFARE cards.
  • Confidently install the reader knowing that the Wiegand output easily interfaces with most existing Wiegand protocol access control panels.
  • All RF data transmission between the card and reader are encrypted using a secure algorithm.
  • By using industry-standard encryption techniques and advanced key management systems, iCLASS reduces the risk of compromised data or duplicated cards.
  • The iCLASS complies with the ISO 15693 standard for contactless smart card technology. Standards are important in smart card technology because they make it possible for many equipment and application developers to work with the smart card technology and create a broader range of uses for the card.

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