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Our commitment to quality

Boswen’s strong relationships with suppliers of high-quality, durable materials enables us to provide a variety of automatic gates and fences for all kinds of demanding situations, including steep driveway, industrial, industrial security and boom gates.

In addition, our licensing and accreditation ensures we comply with all state and national OH & S legislation.

Find out more about Boswen’s high quality security solutions by calling 1300 849 800, or by submitting an online enquiry form.

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“Great customer service, product was professionally installed on time and on budget.”

One Steel

Venkat Raman - Operations Manager, OneSteel

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“Our   dealings     with      Boswen   gates     has   been   pleasant       and     worthwhile”


Sam Failla - High Density Projects Manager-Burbank Group

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“We were able to choose from an extensive range of gating options to suit our facility and throughout the entire process Boswen gates provided us with excellent service”

Melbourne Water

Robert Fisher - Operations Manager, Melbourne Water

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“We had a great experience with Boswen, their professionalism shined throughout the entire duration of the project”

CVA Property Consultants

Adam Mikkelsen - Owners Corporation Management